Orlando Jet Charter

Suntastic Service has teamed up with Orlando Jet Charter to offer a true door-to-door luxury vacation experience for our beloved guests and families. Until now, Suntastic’s guest services started from the moment you and your family arrived at the airport, and while many of our guests fly commercially, we now have a private aviation partner to offer charter flights for you and your family.

Orlando Jet Charter can assist you in choosing the perfect aircraft and creating an all-inclusive itinerary for your family. Working in concert with our luxury concierge team, their flight support specialists can get you to your destination with the same level of care and attention to detail found in our Ace Park Pilots.

From the time you lock your door until the moment you return to unlock it, you and your family be in the good hands of the Suntastic Service and Orlando Jet Charter teams.

What’s it like to fly private?

Chartering a private jet allows you and your family to skip the long lines and bag checks at the airport by using private terminals – the average wait time at an FBO is only 10-15minutes. Flying private also allows guests to utilize smaller airports closer to home that service only general aviation, and do not offer commercial flights.

Begin your vacation by allowing your chauffeur to load your bags and drive you straight to your private jet, where you and your family can enjoy the comfort and privacy of having an entire aircraft to yourselves. Enjoy a plush, comfortable interior with the entrees of your choice, or a bottle of your favorite wine just begging to be uncorked awaiting your arrival. Bring a laptop and enjoy in-flight Wi-Fi, or lounge out on the couch and share in the anticipation of your trip with your family.

Whatever you request for your private flight, their team will do whatever it takes to make it happen. Fly private with the Suntastic Service and Orlando Jet Charter families as your tailwind, and enjoy the experience of a zero turbulence luxury vacation.

Who is Orlando Jet Charter?

We’ve chosen to partner with Orlando Jet Charter because their number one focus is the safety and comfort of their guests and families. Homegrown and based in South Florida, their team is Wyvern certified for air charter flights, meaning their due-diligence and safety standards exceed those set forth by the FAA, and they’ve worked with media assistants and Fortune 500 companies to fly celebrities and executives around the world. Their team reviews the latest reports detailing aircraft maintenance, operator history and pilot experience for every flight, and it’s their care and attention to detail that create the perfect complement to our luxury concierge services.

Let their private aviation team help you and your family with private air travel to Orlando – available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, their private aviation team is here to answer any questions you may have.

Empty Legs & One-Ways

Planning an extended stay? You may want to consider booking a one-way private flight into Orlando and planning your return trip when you’re ready to head home. Orlando Jet Charter specializes in arranging one-way empty leg flights with access to thousands of aircraft worldwide, and you may be able to benefit from chartering a plane in your area that is planning to reposition to the Orlando area.

* Please note that all private aircraft are subject to availability and the cost is determined on a case by case basis.